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When you need to get high quality, cheap (cost effective) t-shirts it’s critical that you know the difference in service providers to get the most bag for your buck.

We have been in this business for years and have dealt with clients from a large variety of industries, most of which do not have deep pockets. It’s important that quality is excellent, and every business expects top notch printing.

Most of the printing we do is promotional type apparel that helps promote and reinforce their respective brands. So it goes without saying, the print quality needs to be perfect.

When we first receive artwork from our clients, it’s usually too complex to print on a budget. There too many colors and the detail is almost photographic, which is fine in small quantities because we can provide our digital printing services. However, if our clients require high volume, creating a 12 screen separation will cost an arm and a leg.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying help my clients reduce their overall cost, thus giving them the ability to have more t-shirts printed.

So How Can I save money on my Screen Printing?
The following is a rough guideline to reducing your t-shirt cost.

1. Streamline the colors in your artwork. Try to create a design that will require as few colors as possible. If possible use only one color, a good graphic designer can get very creative and save you a ton of money on the production. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished with only one color.

2. Minimize print placement. If you originally wanted a “hit” on the sleeve, front chest and back, reevaluate if you could get away with just a front chest print position. Your ultimate goal is to help spread your brand and this in most cases can be accomplished with a single “hit” on the chest.

3. Eliminate overly complex artwork. Try to simplify small, but detailed imagery like thin strokes, blends and small fonts. It takes us more time to tweak your “un-optimized” artwork, by providing us with a simple, clean design you’ll greatly reduce your costs.

4. Do not wait until the last second. You’ll end up spending much more if you require a fast turnaround. Plan your job so that you have plenty of time before you actually need it. This alone will save you between 25% – 50% on your print project.

5. Compare prices and workmanship. The most important tip is to shop around and perform your due diligence. I would recommend getting 3 different quotes, then compare the price, timeline and samples of prior work. This will give you the best combination of price and quality.

The Bottom-line and Bottom-dollar…
If you are on a tight budget and need high quality, cheap printing, remember this acronym – KISS (keep it simple stupid).

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